Published by Jawwad Rizvi on The News International, April 27, 2014

LAHORE: Induction of next generation spectrum data services 3G/4G will bring a huge change in the information and communication industry of Pakistan, ultimately leading to new economic activity.

The economic impact of the 3G/4G technology is much higher than the auction price fetched by the government of Pakistan. The experts of the various data services dependent industry believe that in the first year of the technology, the impact could be more than $2 billion, while a double digit growth is expected on every tear in the data services dependent industries of Pakistan.

The fast speed mobile data will also be helpful in developing the underdeveloped mobile application industry of Pakistan once the ecosystem is developed. The next generation data services will increase internet penetration in Pakistan and the number of internet users would also jump exponentially, increasing sales and usage of mobile smartphones, demand of local internet content and mobile applications. The communication being done via sms will shift to data services apps like whatsapp, which will ultimately help develop the local mobile applications industry. Continue reading

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