Banking the Unbanked

Our philosophy has always been about putting people first. That is why our goal is to provide accessibility to the unbanked through cutting edge technology that is reliable, secure, readily available and simple to use.

i8 MicroBank is a state of the art carrier grade system designed to meet the needs of mobile and branchless banking. It allows for m-wallet issuance, linking of all account types with m-wallets, branchless banking account issuance, management and reporting. The system has been designed to comply with global standards for banking and financial transaction processing, meets regulatory compliance requirements, and has the flexibility to cater to future changes.

Once installed, i8 MicroBank can work independently of other banking systems and integrate / communicate with them as well, when required. The installation allows a bank to issue and maintain branchless banking accounts, and start providing services to branchless banking customers within no time. The ability to integrate with third party banking systems allows i8 MicroBank to also process transactions which may involve a non-branchless banking account either as a termination or as the origination point of a transaction.

Our systems are designed to be plug and play - whether you are looking for single digit TPS or hundreds of TPS, there is complete control of costs from the outset of the project.

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AgentMate is the revolutionary new application for smart phones that combines new age acquiring with a full set of branchless and mobile banking functionality, at the lowest price point for any hardware or software combination globally. The application offers a rich and a unique user experience which is much more interactive and intuitive for the customers/agents for all currencies and languages. The application is perfect for on the fly functionality along with extreme ease of use.

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